COVID-19 demands that we pay attention to who does the care work

In this moment of global crisis, we need action toward equality

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Getting to Equal: Men, Gender Equality, and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

New report underscores men’s partnership in achieving sexual and reproductive health and rights for everyone

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Manhood 2.0

Engaging young men in the US to reflect on the impacts of harmful gender norms

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Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Violence

New literature review reveals promise of psychosocial interventions to address children exposure to violence

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Introducing the Paternity Leave Corporate Task Force

Bringing to scale solutions to improve access and uptake of paternity leave

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Pilot of Program P-ECD in Lebanon: Evaluation Results and Lessons Learned

New evaluation of piloted parenting program in Lebanon points to a path toward improving couple communication

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State of the World’s Fathers: Unlocking the Power of Men’s Care

State of the World's Fathers calls for men’s uptake of their full share of the world’s care work to advance gender equality.

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International Men and Gender Equality Survey

New research in Niger offers insight into the attitudes and behaviors of married adolescent girls and their husbands

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Innovative research, transformative programs, and targeted advocacy

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