Experts recognize Promundo as one of the leading nonprofit organizations with a high impact in its field

After an evaluation by seventy-seven experts, Promundo was the only Brazilian institution, also based in Washington, DC, to be identified as one of the organizations with a major impact in the field of violence against women, occupying the seventh place out of fourteen organizations, highlighted amongst others, worldwide. Due to this international recognition, the Institute has been given a profile at Philanthropedia as a nonprofit organization recommended for donors by experts.
About Philanthropedia

is a nonprofit organization, recently acquired by Guidestar, and is a leader in the field of information on nonprofit institutions.
The organization intends to help donors support nonprofits in a more strategic and effective way, providing free information on the institutions recommended by experts.
These expert groups are comprised of foundations’ professionals, senior officials of nonprofit organizations, academics, researchers, among others, who have between ten and twenty years of experience and cannot vote in their own organizations.

Promundo’s Profile

According to the opinion of the researchers who evaluated the Institution,
Promundo is a pioneer in the work on gender equity in general and violence prevention, in particular. It is one of the leading organizations working with boys and men to promote gender equity for multiple purposes, including for violence prevention.
This and other reviews, in addition to information on the impacts of Promundo’s projects, are available on our profile.
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