Dolls for Dads in Rwanda

We’re excited to announce that our MenCare project, “Dolls for Dads” in Rwanda, has become fully funded on Catapult’s crowdfunding website. The site lets individuals choose to which projects they would like to donate. All projects on Catapult aim to benefit women and girls, and gender equality more broadly.

Thanks to this funding, MenCare will be able to commission a women’s cooperative to create baby dolls, which will be supplied to fathers’ groups in Rwanda. These dolls will help fathers-to-be learn tangible skills: how to change, wash, dress and hold their babies, as well as other concrete caregiving skills, and will help fathers think more concretely about how they will care for their new babies when they arrive.

Support for expecting fathers is not always available, but when men decide to engage equally in caregiving, they have the potential to create positive change, and empowering benefits for their wives, their children and themselves.

The MenCare Global Fatherhood Campaign has helped to implement Fathers’ Groups in Nicaragua, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, amongst other countries. In 2013, MenCare partners will be implementing fatherhood groups in Rwanda via the antenatal care-focused health sector.

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