Promundo will launch Men4Peace

In October 2013, Promundo will launch Men4Peace, a multi-partner, international initiative that will mobilize men in conflict and post-conflict settings as agents of change in peacebuilding and the promotion of gender equality. Built upon emerging research, Men4Peace will include program tools, a media campaign and advocacy efforts to engage men as promoters of peace; raise awareness of the need to engage men as women’s allies in the peace and security agenda; push for national and international policies that aid in transforming violent masculinities into peaceful ones; and promote the exchange and advancement of research on men, peace and security, and sexual and gender-based violence prevention.

With the growing attention to women, peace and security – and international attention to sexual and gender-based violence in conflict – there has been confusion about how to view and effectively engage men. Too often, simplistic views prevail that “women are natural peacemakers” and “men are inherently war-makers” – views that do not capture the complexity of men’s and boys’ experiences of and participation in conflict. Understanding what it means to be man in the minds of men and women – and societies – is key to achieving peace and reducing violence.

Promundo is a leading voice in studying masculinities in the context of conflict and high urban violence, and applying that research to programming and policy advocacy. It is time for a more focused effort to engage men as allies and partners in the “women, peace and security” agenda; Men4Peace presents the opportunity to engage men as agents of change and as allies in achieving lasting peace and promoting full equality for women and girls.

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