‘Women under Siege’ features IMAGES in the DRC

A recent article published on the website ‘Women under Siege’ used data from IMAGES to address the rape endemic in the DRC over two decades of war. The piece was written by award-winning journalist Lauren Wolfe, who also directs ‘Women under Siege’ – a media project aimed at increasing public consciousness about sexualized violence. IMAGES, a household questionnaire on men’s attitudes and practices, was conducted in the DRC by Promundo and Sonke in 2012.

Throghout the piece, Promundo’s International Director Gary Barker reveals that he was surprised with the findings in the DRC: “We went into the study thinking it was positive when men did not reject wives or partners who experienced rape in conflict,” he said. But later discovered that men are extremely traumatized by their partners’ experience of rape – and many times react violently towards their already victimized wives. This is why IMAGES offers recommendations for long-term programs in order to deal with mens’ traumas and improve relationship between partners.


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