Promundo’s Children’s Book Wins 3rd Annual Avon Communications Award for Community Change

The book Wind on my Face, authored by children in Brazil through Promundo’s community programming, amplifies the voices of youth to end violence against women and children.

On March 31st, Promundo was announced as one of five recipient organizations of the 3rd Annual Avon Communications Awards: Speaking Out About Violence Against Women. Created by the Avon Foundation for Women and Futures Without Violence, the award recognizes organizations whose innovative communication strategies help to transform communities, institutions, policies and behaviors to prevent and end violence against women and children.

An international panel of judges selected Wind on my Face from more than 870 submissions by 303 organizations in 78 countries through the Communications X-Change’s collaborative online library.

“The Avon Communications Award Winners are casting a spotlight on issues that affect one in three women across the globe. We congratulate Promundo-Brazil on their selection as a winner from a very competitive selection process with so many outstanding entries,” said Carol Kurzig, Avon Foundation for Women President.

Wind on my Face is a children’s book, created by children, to address issues that they feel their adults should know (download the book here in Portuguese). Together, 12 boys and girls between 6 and 13 years old created playful, simple stories told by the main character, Lucas, that address issues such as obedience, punishment, responsibilities, communication and rights and obligations of family members.

The book represents Promundo-Brazil’s ongoing programming in collaboration with young participants of the Sport, Culture and Citizenship Project organized by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) in the community of Maré, Brazil. The production of Wind on my Face was funded by Save the Children in order to give a voice to children and their opinions on how to create violence-free learning environments. The work is part of Promundo’s efforts to stimulate the debate on alternatives to the use of physical and humiliating punishment in education.

“We are very happy with the selection of Wind on my Face as one of the award winners. The book was created to stimulate dialogue between parents and children, from a children’s rights perspective, which does not mean we should think of boys and girls as little adults, but that we must consider their feelings, wants and perceptions of the world. We hope that this recognition of Wind on my Face inspires parents to take into account children’s ideas when it comes to their thoughts and goals, which include the hope for a non-violent education,” said Tatiana Moura, Promundo-Brazil’s Executive Director.

The book was distributed free of charge to partners of the Don’t hit, Educate! Network (a national effort to end corporal punishment) in schools, community libraries, health centers, preschools and social organizations that work in the field.

Since 2005, Promundo, co-founder of the Don’t hit, Educate! Network, has carried out multiple interventions to promote children’s rights, including their right to express opinions on issues that directly affect their lives. This work has given rise to a series of consultations with children and their caregivers, as well as to the creation of tools to promote greater child participation and encourage parents and guardians to adopt non-violent disciplinary measures in their children’s education. These publications can be found at

In addition to the campaign to end corporal punishment, Promundo is the founder and Global Co-Coordinator of the MenCare campaign, active in over 25 countries globally, which seeks to engage fathers in reducing violence against children and includes parent-training activities for mothers and fathers on non-violent childrearing. Visit to learn more.

“We commend Promundo for their innovative use of communications to prevent and ultimately end violence against women and children,” said Esta Soler, Futures Without Violence President and Founder. “Since the launch of the Communications X-Change, we’ve been continually impressed by the creativity and caliber of the submissions. These campaigns are an inspiration to the violence prevention community across the globe and a catalyst for change.”

To see the top finalists and recipients of Avon Communications Awards in each of the five categories, visit:

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