Promundo in the Press: April 2017

Welcome to “Promundo in the Press,” a monthly recap of media that mention Promundo or MenCare, the global fatherhood campaign that Promundo co-coordinates. We know that in order to create a truly equal, nonviolent world in which men and boys are allies in the fight for gender justice, we need to spread the word. Here are the top 10 featured articles from April:

  1. The New York Times profiles Promundo’s The Man Box report in “Manhood in the age of Trump.”
  2. USA Today highlights Promundo’s The Man Box report in “Guys, trapped in a ‘Man Box’?”
  3. Dr. Wendy Walsh interviewed Promundo President and CEO Gary Barker on KFI AM 640 in “Gary Barker, co-author of ‘The Man Box Study.”
  4. Maclean’s covers Justin Trudeau’s interview at the Women in the World Summit, where he is asked about the “Man Box” in reference to Frank Bruni’s New York Times piece citing Promundo’s research (see above).  Video is available here (see 22:42).
  5. WNYC Studios’ Note to Self podcast cites Promundo’s The Man Box report in an episode called “Cucked: Defining Manhood the Alt-Right Way.”
  6. In Stylist, Promundo Senior Fellow Nikki van der Gaag mentions the MenCare campaign in “No more excuses: Why it’s time men joined the fight for gender equality.”
  7. Fusion features an op-ed that cites Promundo’s The Man Box report, titled “I Went to See Matt McGorry Talk About Toxic Masculinity and Left With a Tote Full of Axe Products.”
  8. Georgia Today covers a MenCare event in “Fathers From Telavi Join MenCare Campaign.”
  9. In Spanish media outlet El País, Promundo Senior Fellow Rixtar Bacete cites The Man Box report in “Molinos machistas y vientos igualitarios.”
  10. Ditch the Label highlights Promundo’s Man Box research in “Putting the Q Into LGBTQ – 8 Things to Know About Questioning Your Sexuality.”
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