New Photography Exposition about Fatherhood

In late 2009, ten men from Santa Marta, a low-income community in Rio de Janeiro, came together in a series of workshops to reflect on their experiences related to fatherhood. The workshops formed part of the project “Father of sons, father of daughters: engaging fathers in gender equality” and were spaces for the men to reflect on gender, masculinities, fatherhood, and caregiving, along with the potential of photography as a medium to explore these themes. Through their photos, these fathers were able to present their visions of what it means to be fathers to sons and fathers to daughters.

For the fathers, the experience was transformative:

“This work brought a new perspective to being father, the importance of this relationship,” explained Márcio, 33 years old, father to one son.

“Each photo reveals an emotion, a sentiment, an affection,” emphasized Luis Kleber, 42 years old, father to two daughters.

During the workshops, Promundo staff and photographer Eliane Heeren was able to learn about what the fathers in the community think and feel about the experience of fatherhood. As Eliane affirmed, “These fathers showed, with much sensibility, that sons and daugthers are a man’s issue too.”

View the photos below:

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