Announcing Promundo’s First Writing Fellows Cohort

October 15, 2019

This spring, Promundo announced an open call to invite writers and advocates alike – with forward-thinking perspectives on masculinity and a passion for achieving gender equality – to apply to become a Promundo Writing Fellow. In our commitment to gender equality and social justice, we are proud to introduce the 2019-2020 Promundo Writing Fellow cohort….
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What We Know About Masculinity and Asking for Emotional Support

October 7, 2019

In the US, and around the world, men are often told to value strength, control, and self-sufficiency, and to avoid being vulnerable, or asking for help. Men’s displays of sadness, loneliness, affection, love, and friendship – rather than being recognized as authentic and necessary – are all too often interpreted as signs of weakness or…
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Announcing Promundo’s New Global Partnership on Boyhood

October 3, 2019

Today, Promundo is pleased to announce our partnership with the creative arts publisher Phaidon and its sister company Artspace, a leading online marketplace, with the support of Kering, the leading luxury group, on their new book Great Women Artists, which tells the stories of over 400 women artists spanning 500 years and reveals the powerful,…
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Promundo in the Press: August 2019

September 13, 2019

We know that in order to create a truly equal, nonviolent world in which men and boys are allies in the fight for gender justice, we need to spread the word. Here are the top 10 featured articles from August….
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