Introducing the Program HMD Toolkit

July 9, 2013

Commemorating a decade of Program HMD educational and gender transformative programming around the world, this Toolkit provides an introduction to practitioners, some “best of” Program HMD activities and how the approaches work, a summary of eight impact evaluations, and more. This Toolkit presents the short version of the approach contained in Programs H and M….
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Gary Barker: The 50% Solution to Gender Violence and Injustice

July 3, 2013

In this interview from Peace X Peace, Promundo’s International Director, Gary Barker discusses the successes and challenges he’s faced in his work as an activist-researcher, and the need for a revolution in the lives of men; one that goes to the roots to patriarchy. Read the full interview

Promundo in Cape Verde

May 29, 2013

From April 18-26th, Promundo, represented by the Campaign and Networks Coordinator, Marco Aurélio Martins, was invited to Cape Verde by the National Council of Human Rights and Citizenship to collaborate with the campaign “Ami ê Pai” (“I am a father,” in Cape Verdean creole). The campaign was founded on recently presented official data about the…
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