Interview with Barbara Soares

April 3, 2012

Barbara Musumeci Soares is a sociologist and researcher at the Center for Security Studies and Citizenship (CESeC), of the University Cândido Mendes. She began approaching the theme of gender in the early 1990’s when she conducted a survey on the situation of violence against women at Women’s Police Stations. The theme of domestic violence, since…
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Promundo News 2nd Edition – Editorial

April 2, 2012

During the month of March, when the International Women’s day is celebrated, many discussions on the situation of women were on the agenda. Instituto Promundo could not fail to express its solidarity with the daily struggle of women for better conditions of life, by the guarantee of their rights, the autonomy of their choices, by…
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Project “Exploração Sexual, Não!” creates a network for the prevention of sexual exploitation in popular communities of Rio de Janeiro

March 30, 2012

Instituto Promundo, in partnership with Projeto Legal, is developing, since August 2011, with funding from Child Hope, the project “Exploração Sexual, Não!”, with the objective of strengthening a network of sexual exploitation confrontation in Rio de Janeiro. Overall, the ” Exploração Sexual, Não!” will have duration of four years and aims to reach 400 young…
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