Promundo conducts gender equity workshops in 11 Brazilian states

Enseada do Paraguaçu – Bahia

In 2011, Promundo began the Project Sensitization on Gender, Sexuality and Health, sponsored by Petrobras. The project, which will reach 11 Brazilian states, aims to offer workshops towards the promotion of gender equity and sexual and reproductive health of adolescents, youths, women and men. About 2000 people will benefit from the workshops until the end of the year. Amongst the target audience are adolescents, youths, community leaderships, health agents, education professionals, and members of NGOs in about 30 Brazilian cities where Petrobras acts.The proposition is to unite representatives from different areas to establish integrated actions between the health, education, community, public policies, and municipal networks of children and adolescents, rights protection, and to discuss the norms that influence the relations between men and women and interfere in the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youths.

Amongst the themes addressed in the playful activities and debates, are: gender, sexuality, sexual and reproductive health and violence.

Suzano – São Paulo

Also addressed are ways to ensure children, adolescents and youths rights protection and the power differences related to age ranges, with the elaboration of action plans for the promotion of gender equality and sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youths.

A female participant of Santa Luzia do Itanhi, Sergipe, states that the workshop helped her to think in a different way and to recognize her rights. “ I understood that the fact of being a woman doesn’t make me inferior before a men, that I don’t need to be embarrassed to talk about sex and that try to protect myself is nothing more than a right of mine.”According to Danielle Bittencourt, workshop facilitator, the Project has had a very good reception all around the country. “People welcome the discussion, in general, in a positive way”, she states. The participants receive a manual that gathers dynamics and techniques of H and M programs to work with gender equity promotion, which are reference programs of Promundo. “This material has been very useful and is also very well received”, says Danielle.

The participants are stimulated to disseminate and register the actions for the promotion of gender equity, sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youths, planned during the workshops. This registry will compose the Best Practices Notebook, which aims at divulging sensitization experiences of men and women, adolescents and youths, concerning inequalities of gender, sexual rights and reproductive rights, violence prevention, self-care, amongst other themes.

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