Key Programs Publications

This document shares key Program publications for the following themes: Fatherhood and Caregiving, Youth and Equality, Economic Justice, Conflict and Security, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Applying a Masculinities Lens to the Gendered Impacts of Social Safety Nets

Abby Fried, Ruti Levtov, Kate Doyle, Gary Barker, Jeni Klugman, Meagan Dooley

Social protection systems are highlighted in the UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development as an important tool to reduce poverty. Different forms of social safety net programs (SSNs), like cash transfers, in-kind food aid or public work programs are rapidly becoming cornerstones in many national poverty reduction strategies and international development programs. In-depth gender-relational analysis…
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So, You Want To Be A Male Ally For Gender Equality? (And You Should): Results from a National Survey, and a Few Things You Should Know


This research brief presents nationally representative survey data and focus group discussions in the United States on male allyship for gender equality. Results from the study provide guidance for workplaces seeking to create cultures of respect, equality, and inclusivity and for men seeking to better understand what women want and need from them as allies…
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Considering Gender: Practical guidance for rural development initiatives in Solomon Islands

S. Lawless, K. Doyle, P. Cohen, H. Eriksson, A.M. Schwarz, H. Teioli, A. Vavekaramui, E. Wickham, R. Masu, R. Panda, C. McDougall

The majority of Solomon Islanders live in rural communities and are dependent on natural resources for their livelihoods. For many people, ways of generating income or producing food outside of small-scale fishing and agriculture are limited. Many development actors (e.g. government agencies and nongovernmental organizations) work with people in rural communities to develop and improve…
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The SILC+GTA Facilitation Manual: The Savings and Internal Lending Communities Plus Gender-Transformative Approach (SILC+GTA)

Promundo-US, WorldFish

This manual, developed with WorldFish, is intended for community facilitators who are well-trained in gender equality issues and who coordinate savings and internal lending communities in the Barotse Floodplain of western Zambia. It contains 12 activity-based sessions designed for use with partnered and un-partnered men and women around gender and power dynamics, caregiving and shared household decision-making,…
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Coalitions to Achieve Gender Equality at Scale: Gender Development and Coordinating Subcommittees and Networks as Drivers of Change in Zambia

Jane Kato-Wallace, Steven M. Cole, Ranjitha Puskur

This brief summarizes the findings of a scoping study conducted in February 2015 to understand the strengths and areas of growth of the gender development and coordinating subcommittees at the district and provincial levels in western Zambia, and of the gender networks at the national level. While the findings presented in this brief are specific…
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Promoting Gender-Transformative Change with Men and Boys: A Manual to Spark Critical Reflection on Harmful Gender Norms with Men and Boys in Aquatic Agricultural Systems

Promundo-US, CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems

This manual, developed with WorldFish, contains 13 activity-based group sessions to engage men and boys in aquatic agricultural systems in gender-transformative dialogue. The sessions focus on understanding the ways in which power and gender inequalities perpetuate poverty and harm well-being; taking action to create more inclusive environments for women in aquatic agricultural development; promoting shared…
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‘I can do women’s work’: reflections on engaging men as allies in women’s economic empowerment in Rwanda

Henny Slegh, Gary Barker, Augustin Kimonyo, Prudence Ndolimana, Matt Bannerman

The benefits of women’s economic empowerment are well-known and documented in the development literature. Few studies and interventions, however, have explored how men react or can be engaged to enhance such interventions. This article presents an evaluation of a pilot project in Rwanda in collaboration with CARE Rwanda’s Village Savings and Loan (VSL) programme that…
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Engaging Men and Boys in Advancing Women’s Agency: Where We Stand and New Directions

Paul J. Fleming, Gary Barker, Jennifer McCleary-Sills, Matthew Morton

This review explores the evidence base on the role of men and boys in advancing women’s agency. It examines the literature on gender norms and their influence on attitudes and behaviors, including men’s use of violence against women, and explores the benefits of gender equality and women’s agency for men. It presents results from the…
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Journeys of Transformation: A Training Manual for Engaging Men as Allies in Women’s Economic Empowerment

Henny Slegh, Piotr Pawlak, Gary Barker

This manual provides group education sessions for engaging men as allies in women’s economic empowerment. It emerges from experiences, in Rwanda and elsewhere, that women’s economic empowerment works, but that it can be made to work better and to achieve even more movement toward equality when men are deliberately engaged as allies.


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