Masculinities and Male Trauma: Making the Connections

Henny Slegh, Warren Spielberg, Cody Ragonese

Apart from what it means in their own lives, men’s exposure to violence, trauma and adversity are key risk factors for men’s self-inflicted harm and their use of violence against others. Promundo-US’s new report, Making the Connections: Masculinities and Male Trauma, highlights the role masculinities play in boys and men’s ability to cope with their…
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Manual for Replicating the International Men and Gender Equality Survey

Promundo-US, Deboleena Rakshit

This resource for adapting and replicating the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) was developed by Promundo-US drawing from the Toolkit for Replicating the UN Multi-Country Study on Men and Violence: Understanding Why Some Men Use Violence Against Women and How We Can Prevent It developed by the Partners for Prevention (P4P) joint program. The…
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Research to Action Toolkit: How to Activate IMAGES Data to Improve Your Programs, Advocacy, and Campaigns

Promundo-US, Brian Heilman

So you’d like to put IMAGES data to use to improve your programs, advocacy, or campaigns. You’ve come to the right place! This toolkit provides a clear, concise set of suggestions to help researchers, activists, programmers, and policymakers get the most out of IMAGES data while maintaining high ethical and analytical standards. Each suggestion includes…
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The Double-Edged Sword of Online Gaming: An Analysis of Masculinity in Video Games and the Gaming Community

Promundo-US, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, Oak Foundation

This groundbreaking study examines masculinity and representations of different identities (gender, race, LGBTQIA+ individuals, disability, age, and body size) in the most popular video games and in the TWITCH online gaming community. The Oak Foundation has partnered with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and Promundo-US to examine representations of the aforementioned identities and masculinity in video games and…
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Virtual Programs to Advance Gender Equality: A Checklist for Adaptation

Jane Kato-Wallace, Clara Alemann, Alexa Hassink, Giovanna Lauro

The current global pandemic is causing a dramatic shift in the way practitioners design programs – motivated by the desire to deliver services even amidst restrictions on mobility and in-person gatherings due to the pandemic, as well as the longer-term and growing interest in exploring how effective in-person training can be adapted to virtual settings,…
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COVID-19 and Masculinities in Global Perspective: Reflections From Promundo’s Research and Activism

Gary Barker, Stephen Burrell, Sandy Ruxton

COVID-19 has affected individuals and communities in gendered ways. A spike in men’s violence against women has been documented in multiple settings. Women have faced disproportionate job losses in many countries. Men have died at higher rates from COVID-19 for both biological and social causes. Masculinist responses by some national leaders and men’s lower propensity…
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Putting Fathers’ Care to Work: Landscape Report on Working Fathers’ Uptake of Parental Leave (2020)

This landscape report, produced by the Parental Leave Corporate Task Force, reviews current research on access to and uptake of parental leave by working fathers—and identifies barriers that keep fathers from taking more leave. Drawing from recent research from academia, civil society organizations, multilateral development institutions, and business and trade associations, Putting Fathers’ Care to Work includes…
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The State of America’s Boys: An Urgent Case for a More Connected Boyhood

Michael C. Reichert, Joseph Derrick Nelson

The State of America’s Boys: An Urgent Case for a More Connected Boyhood presents research and expert perspectives and investigates what it is about boyhood that too often plants the seed for destructive and self-defeating behavior – why open and authentic boys may become more guarded, cynical, and disconnected as they grow. It points to the…
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Masculinities and COVID-19: Making the Connections

Sandy Ruxton, Stephen Burrell

Masculinities and COVID-19: Making the Connections provides an evidence-based overview of key issues in relation to men, masculinities, and COVID-19, setting these within a gendered approach. It explores the impact of COVID-19 on men and women in different social groups and sets out principles and recommendations for policymakers and other decision-makers to take masculinities into…
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Men, Women, and Gender Relations in Georgia: Public Perceptions and Attitudes

Deboleena Rakshit, Ruti Levtov

The report presents key findings of the 2019 research on gender perceptions in Georgian society, comparing them with the results of a similar study carried out in 2013. The research was conducted in partnership with the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) of Georgia, based on the International Men and Gender Equality…
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