Webinar: Masculinidades, Sexualidades, Matrimonio y Uniones Infantiles Tempranas y Forzadas

Promundo in partnership with Girls Not Brides, HIAS, CARE, Puntos de Encuentro, and MenEngage Latin America hosted a webinar reflecting on lessons learned from work on masculinities and how they can be used to address child, early, and forced marriages (CEFM). View the visual summary here.

Webinar: Preventing Intergenerational Cycles of Violence

Two decades of studies affirm that exposure to violence in childhood increases the likelihood that an individual will experience or perpetrate intimate partner violence (IPV) in adulthood, as well as other forms of violence. Exposure to violence in childhood is by far the strongest predictor of whether a man uses violence later in life. Promundo,…
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Join the Movement: Time for Action


The inaugural State of the World’s Fathers, a landmark analysis of fatherhood, launched in 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and subsequently in 10 cities globally, inspiring advocacy and action with MenCare partners in over 40 countries. Now, it’s time for action.

Understanding Masculinities: An IMAGES MENA Film

Promundo, UN Women

These four men are championing gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). From Egypt to Lebanon, Morocco, and Palestine, their stories of being involved fathers, supporting women in business, and promoting gender equality more broadly challenge stereotypes of men in the region. For more stories, survey results, and what you can do…
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Raising Boys to be Men Who Care

Promundo, Rutgers

Watch this two-minute animation to learn how you can start reimagining a world free from gender-based violence, using lessons from the MenCare+ program. The film was produced by Rutgers and Promundo, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

It’s About Time: The Case for Parental Leave


True gender equality won’t be reached until men are taking on 50% of the childcare and domestic work. Hear from children how paid, equal, non-transferable leave for all parents can benefit us all. Learn more about the MenCare Parental Leave Platform here.

America’s Dads: A State of America’s Fathers Film

MenCare, Promundo

Men from around the United States share their experiences of fatherhood in America’s Dads. They say they can do more. They want to do more. But they can’t do it alone. Find out what it takes to support caring, involved dads in State of America’s Fathers:

MenCare Short: Brazil


Marcio narrates the importance of men’s involvement in the lives of their children and families, even if it goes against traditional expectations, in this three-minute “MenCare Short.” Watch the full film here.

MenCare Short: Rwanda


Landuwari journeys to an understanding that sharing the work at home, supporting women’s economic empowerment, and girls’ education benefits the entire family, in this four-minute “MenCare Short.” Watch the full film here.

MenCare Short: South Africa


Fatherhood is a gift to children, but it’s also a gift to dads. In Khayelitsha, Themba inspires his younger brother, Andrew, who is about to become a father, in this three-minute “MenCare Short.” Watch the full film here.


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