Annual Report 2005

In 2005, the Promundo team traveled throughout Brazil, South America, South and Southeast Asia, Central America, and various locations in Sub-Saharan Africa with the objective of working with partner organizations to adapt and implement methodologies developed by the institution.

Among its various activities during this period, Promundo, in collaboration with other organizations, created the MenEngage Alliance (with the purpose of engaging men, youth, and adults, in the promotion of gender equity); initiated the formation of the National Network of Early Childhood (Rede Nacional Primeira Infancia), in order to promote the rights of children from 0 to 6 years old, including the right of participation; became a member of the Executive Committee of Intercambios, a Latin-American coalition to reduce violence against women; created the Project JPEG – Youth for Gender Equity (Projeto JPEG – Jovens pela Equidade de Genero), a new partnership to promote gender equality by engaging young men and women in three communities in Rio de Janeiro; and developed the Project “Kids, Subjects with Rights” (Criancas – Sujeitos de Direitos), which promotes the engagement of parents and guardians in various areas in Rio de Janeiro in the raising of their children without the use of physical or humiliating punishment.