COVID-19 and Masculinities in Global Perspective: Reflections From Promundo’s Research and Activism

Gary Barker, Stephen Burrell, Sandy Ruxton

COVID-19 has affected individuals and communities in gendered ways. A spike in men’s violence against women has been documented in multiple settings. Women have faced disproportionate job losses in many countries. Men have died at higher rates from COVID-19 for both biological and social causes. Masculinist responses by some national leaders and men’s lower propensity…
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Annual Report 2020

In this Annual Report, we focus on how in the past year, we spoke truth to power; generated new research on masculinities; evaluated what works to engage men and boys for gender equality; worked with partners to shift norms and practices; supported new voices and perspectives; and convened for impact. Read here.

Paid Leave and the Pandemic: Effective Workplace Policies and Practices for a Time of Crisis and Beyond

PL+US and Promundo, in collaboration with the Parental Leave Corporate Task Force

Promundo and Paid Leave for the United States (PL+US), in collaboration with the Parental Leave Corporate Task Force (PLCTF), surveyed and interviewed 40 companies across the US and the UK, representing more than half a million employees globally. The study assessed the impact of paid leave policies on companies of various sizes: large (over 5,000…
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Key Takeaways/Lessons Learned from Prevention+

In 2016, Rutgers and partners Sonke Gender Justice, Promundo-US, and MenEngage Alliance started Prevention+: a five-year, multi-country program in Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Uganda that sought to end gender-based violence (GBV). A first of its kind program, Prevention+ aimed to transform the harmful gender norms that drive GBV at the individual, community, institutional, and governmental levels…
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Extending Paternity Leave in Colombia: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Fiscal Impact

This report, Extending Paternity Leave in Colombia: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Fiscal Impact, aims to contribute to the expansion of paternity leave in Colombia by drawing on the knowledge and experiences of paternity leave in other countries in the region as well as in OECD member countries. This report will be paired with a policy dialogue…
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Putting Fathers’ Care to Work: Landscape Report on Working Fathers’ Uptake of Parental Leave (2020)

This landscape report, produced by the Parental Leave Corporate Task Force, reviews current research on access to and uptake of parental leave by working fathers—and identifies barriers that keep fathers from taking more leave. Drawing from recent research from academia, civil society organizations, multilateral development institutions, and business and trade associations, Putting Fathers’ Care to Work includes…
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Learning Brief: Lessons Learned From the Very Young Adolescence 2.0 program in Malawi

Chewe Mulenga, Jane Kato-Wallace

Though interrupted by COVID-19, the implementation of the Very Young Adolescence (VYA) 2.0 program in Malawi presented valuable insights into adapting and introducing an intervention focused on transforming harmful gender norms and increasing knowledge of sexual and reproductive health and rights among very young adolescents. This learning brief reflects on implementation successes and challenges, as…
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The State of America’s Boys: An Urgent Case for a More Connected Boyhood

Michael C. Reichert, Joseph Derrick Nelson

The State of America’s Boys: An Urgent Case for a More Connected Boyhood presents research and expert perspectives and investigates what it is about boyhood that too often plants the seed for destructive and self-defeating behavior – why open and authentic boys may become more guarded, cynical, and disconnected as they grow. It points to the…
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Masculinities and COVID-19: Making the Connections

Sandy Ruxton, Stephen Burrell

Masculinities and COVID-19: Making the Connections provides an evidence-based overview of key issues in relation to men, masculinities, and COVID-19, setting these within a gendered approach. It explores the impact of COVID-19 on men and women in different social groups and sets out principles and recommendations for policymakers and other decision-makers to take masculinities into…
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The Role of Fathers in Parenting for Gender Equality

Clara Alemann, Aapta Garg, Kristina Vlahovicova

This paper presents an emerging body of evidence, which affirms that positive father engagement in the lives of their children – much like positive involvement of mothers and other significant caregivers – is associated with a series of early child development outcomes as well as improved quality of family environment and relationships. It presents constraints…
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