Key Programs Publications

This document shares key Program publications for the following themes: Fatherhood and Caregiving, Youth and Equality, Economic Justice, Conflict and Security, and Diversity and Inclusion.

9 Tips for Parents: Raising Sons to Embrace Healthy, Positive Masculinity

Promundo-US, Plan International USA

Produced in partnership with Plan International USA (Plan), this parental how-to guide on raising boys to embrace healthy masculinity draws from Plan and Promundo’s decades of US and global research and experience to provide nine concrete tips to help parents navigate talking to their sons about healthy masculinity, self-expression, and becoming the best men they can…
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Key Resources on Deconstructing the Gendered Causes of Malnutrition and Harmful Practices

Promundo-US, World Vision

This document shares some of Promundo and World Vision’s key resources on deconstructing the gendered causes of malnutrition and harmful practices.

Clube de Diálogos: Engajamento dos Homens na Transformação de Género para Melhorar a Nutrição Materno-Infantil

Promundo-US, Concern Worldwide

This manual was created by Promundo, in partnership with Concern Worldwide, to address nutrition through a gender-transformative dialogue club. The program, “Engaging Men in Gender Transformation to Improve Mother-Child Nutrition” was launched in May 2016. Through a gender-transformative approach, this program challenges underlying gender norms and practices that perpetuate inequality between men and women and…
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Key Promundo Publications Focused on the United States


The #MeToo movement sparked a cultural shift through which harassment and violence will no longer be relegated to silence. However, sexual harassment and assault remain pervasive, and the topic, as well as what drives it, are not new. To create lasting change for our generation and the next, we need to commit to working together toward more…
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Very Young Adolescence 2.0: A curriculum to promote gender equality and sexual and reproductive health

Jane Kato-Wallace, Ruti Levtov

The period of adolescence is now widely recognized as an important time of transition into young adulthood, in which most young people begin to achieve puberty, turn increasingly to peers as reference points, and experiment with social risk-taking behavior. A deeper understanding of how gender norms are shaped and manifest in early adolescence is needed, as…
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Manhood 2.0: A Curriculum Promoting a Gender-Equitable Future of Manhood

Promundo-US, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Manhood 2.0 is a gender-transformative curriculum developed by Promundo and the University of Pittsburgh to engage young men aged 15 to 24 in reflecting on the impacts of harmful gender norms, specifically those surrounding issues such as teen pregnancy prevention, dating violence and sexual assault, and the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer…
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Can Targeting Men Reduce Intimate Partner Violence?

SVRI, Promundo, Living Peace Institute

This brief outlines findings from the qualitative, time-series impact evaluation of the Living Peace intervention piloted by Promundo in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Living Peace program targeted the husbands of women who had experienced conflict-related rape and intimate partner violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), helping men and their partners develop…
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Reducing Violence Against Women Through Psychological Interventions Targeting Men

SVRI, Promundo, Living Peace Institute

This brief outlines approaches to reducing violence against women through psychological interventions targeting men. The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI), in partnership with the World Bank Group, has funded several studies in East and Central Africa that target men and local gender norms, including the Living Peace intervention piloted by Promundo in Democratic Republic of…
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Prevention+: Men and Women Ending Gender-based Violence

Promundo, Rutgers, Sonke Gender Justice

This brochure outlines the approach, values, and goals of the Prevention+ program, a five-year multi-country program that envisions a world where healthy, respectful, and equal relationships are the norm. To contribute to making this a reality, the program addresses the root causes of gender-based violence: the social, economic, religious, and cultural contexts that shape attitudes and behavior…
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