Getting to Equal: Men, Gender Equality, and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Margaret Greene, Ruti Levtov, Blair Berger, Lilit Hakobyan, Ellen Stiefvater

Through a review and analysis of the latest global evidence, the Getting to Equal report offers up a new way to think about men and sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) from two angles: First, it reinforces what we know already – that men’s partnership and active participation are crucial to achieving SRHR for everyone;…
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Boys and Men as Partners for Advancing Gender Equality Infographic

Promundo-US, Women Deliver, Dove Men+Care

Women Deliver, Promundo, and Dove Men+Care have developed a joint infographic outlining the benefits of engaging boys and men as partners in advancing gender equality. The infographic highlights global research and evidence on how boys and men can influence gender norms – ranging from taking paternity leave, to becoming more involved in domestic care and…
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Key Programs Publications

This document shares key Program publications for the following themes: Fatherhood and Caregiving, Youth and Equality, Economic Justice, Conflict and Security, and Diversity and Inclusion.

Promoting men’s engagement as equitable, non-violent fathers and caregivers in children’s early lives: Programmatic reflections and recommendations

Melanie Swan, Kate Doyle, Rudy Broers

“Promoting men’s engagement as equitable, non-violent fathers and caregivers in children’s early lives: Programmatic reflections and recommendations” is an article published in The International Journal of Birth and Parent Education. While men’s engagement in early childhood development is gaining policy momentum, operationalization of these objectives will require consideration of the various barriers and obstacles that…
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Annual Report 2018


In 2018, we launched the Promundo Workplace Advisors, which provides experienced, thorough, research-based solutions for workplace innovation, growth, inclusivity, and employee satisfaction by engaging men as part of the solution to advance gender equality By 2018, the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) or IMAGES-inspired studies have been conducted in 41 countries worldwide, reaching…
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A Long Way to Go: An Analysis of the Proposed Engagement of Men and Boys in 13 Country Implementation and Action Plans

Christopher Hook, Karen Hardee, Tim Shand, Margaret E. Greene

The world has set ambitious goals related to reproductive health and family planning, including to reach an additional 120 million women and girls with contraception by 2020 and achieve universal access to reproductive health and family planning by 2030. The focus of these goals is women and girls, yet realizing these ambitions requires including men….
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Applying a Masculinities Lens to the Gendered Impacts of Social Safety Nets

Abby Fried, Ruti Levtov, Kate Doyle, Gary Barker, Jeni Klugman, Meagan Dooley

Social protection systems are highlighted in the UN’s Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development as an important tool to reduce poverty. Different forms of social safety net programs (SSNs), like cash transfers, in-kind food aid or public work programs are rapidly becoming cornerstones in many national poverty reduction strategies and international development programs. In-depth gender-relational analysis…
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Conceptualizing Controlling Behaviors in Adolescent and Youth Intimate Partner Relationships

Giovanna Lauro, Erin Murphy-Graham, Alice Y Taylor

“Conceptualizing Controlling Behaviors in Adolescent and Youth Intimate Partner Relationships” is an article published in the Partner Abuse journal, drawing from Promundo’s Adolescent Relationship Violence in Brazil and Honduras report. Considerable evidence shows that adolescent intimate relationships influence the course of adult relationships, that is, whether relationship experiences are characterized by abuse or violence, or healthy, equitable dynamics. Controlling…
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9 Tips for Parents: Raising Sons to Embrace Healthy, Positive Masculinity

Promundo-US, Plan International USA

Produced in partnership with Plan International USA (Plan), this parental how-to guide on raising boys to embrace healthy masculinity draws from Plan and Promundo’s decades of US and global research and experience to provide nine concrete tips to help parents navigate talking to their sons about healthy masculinity, self-expression, and becoming the best men they can…
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State of the World’s Fathers: Unlocking the Power of Men’s Care

Nikki van der Gaag, Brian Heilman, Taveeshi Gupta, Ché Nembhard, Gary Barker

State of the World’s Fathers, produced by Promundo, is a globally recognized, biennial report and advocacy platform aiming to change power structures, policies, and social norms around care work and to advance gender equality. The third State of the World’s Fathers report reveals new research on men’s caregiving from 11 countries, with additional cross-country analysis of data…
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