Bandebereho/Role Model: Fathers and Couples Program Reduces Domestic Violence by 44%


This Prevention+ case study highlights the MenCare+ program in Rwanda, the precursor of Prevention+. Results from the randomized control trial showed violence by men against their partners was reduced by over 40%. The program (known as Bandebereho in Rwanda, meaning “role model”) built the participants’ skills to have stronger, more equal and nonviolent relationships among…
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Gender-Transformative Bandebereho Couples’ Intervention to Promote Male Engagement in Reproductive and Maternal Health and Violence Prevention in Rwanda: Findings From a Randomized Controlled Trial

Kate Doyle, Ruti Levtov, Gary Barker, Gautam Bastian, Jeffrey Bingenheimer, Shamsi Kazimbaya, Anicet Nzabonimpa, Julie Pulerwitz, Felix Sayinzoga, Vandana Sharma, Dominick Shattuck

This research article, released in the journal PLOS ONE, covers an evaluation led by Promundo, together with the Rwanda Biomedical Center and Rwanda Men’s Resource Center. The recent multi-site study examines the impact of the Bandebereho gender-transformative couples’ intervention on behavioral and health-related outcomes influenced by gender norms and power dynamics in Rwanda, and strengthens existing evidence…
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Being a Man in Maputo: Masculinities, Poverty, and Violence in Mozambique

Henny Slegh, Esmeralda Mariano, Silvia Roque, Gary Barker

The report Being a Man in Maputo: Masculinities, Poverty, and Violence in Mozambique presents the results of the adaptation of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) in Maputo, Mozambique. The study examines the connections between masculinities, gender norms, violent and nonviolent practices, and urban violence, and its findings seek to inform governmental and nongovernmental actors in…
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Can Targeting Men Reduce Intimate Partner Violence?

SVRI, Promundo, Living Peace Institute

This brief outlines findings from the qualitative, time-series impact evaluation of the Living Peace intervention piloted by Promundo in Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Living Peace program targeted the husbands of women who had experienced conflict-related rape and intimate partner violence in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), helping men and their partners develop…
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Reducing Violence Against Women Through Psychological Interventions Targeting Men

SVRI, Promundo, Living Peace Institute

This brief outlines approaches to reducing violence against women through psychological interventions targeting men. The Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI), in partnership with the World Bank Group, has funded several studies in East and Central Africa that target men and local gender norms, including the Living Peace intervention piloted by Promundo in Democratic Republic of…
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Living Peace in Democratic Republic of the Congo: An Impact Evaluation of an Intervention with Male Partners of Women Survivors of Conflict-Related Rape and Intimate Partner Violence

Marian Tankink, Henny Slegh

This report presents the findings of a qualitative, time-series evaluation that assessed the impact on intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention of a pilot intervention program called Living Peace, which targeted the husbands of women who had experienced conflict-related rape and IPV in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The impact evaluation was conducted in…
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The SILC+GTA Facilitation Manual: The Savings and Internal Lending Communities Plus Gender-Transformative Approach (SILC+GTA)

Promundo-US, WorldFish

This manual, developed with WorldFish, is intended for community facilitators who are well-trained in gender equality issues and who coordinate savings and internal lending communities in the Barotse Floodplain of western Zambia. It contains 12 activity-based sessions designed for use with partnered and un-partnered men and women around gender and power dynamics, caregiving and shared household decision-making,…
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Coalitions to Achieve Gender Equality at Scale: Gender Development and Coordinating Subcommittees and Networks as Drivers of Change in Zambia

Jane Kato-Wallace, Steven M. Cole, Ranjitha Puskur

This brief summarizes the findings of a scoping study conducted in February 2015 to understand the strengths and areas of growth of the gender development and coordinating subcommittees at the district and provincial levels in western Zambia, and of the gender networks at the national level. While the findings presented in this brief are specific…
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Nigeria Men and Gender Equality Survey: NiMAGES

Voices 4 Change (V4C)

This report presents results from the Nigeria Men and Gender Equality Survey (NiMAGES), based on the methodology of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES) and conducted by Voices 4 Change (V4C) Nigeria.

Living Peace: EMERGE Story of Change


This story of change pulls out the main findings and recommendations from Living Peace: EMERGE Case Study, which focuses on the work of Living Peace in DRC. This initiative provides support through group therapy for men (and their partners) to reduce sexual and gender-based violence and promote equitable gender norms.

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